MTB: Afuape - "My Story"

Afuape - "I dreamt very big and was determined to have an impact"

In a previous MTB blog we met Afuape Fadilat Abosede, but we thought her story is so inspiring that we needed to publish "Afuape - In Her Own Words"....

I am a trained Teacher, mother of three Children who after the completion of my Nigeria Certificate in Education in Business Education, at the Federal College of Education, Osiele-Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria was unable to secure either Private or Government employment.

In order to meet up with the family’s socio-economic responsibilities, I started Recharge Cards Retailing with the registration of SIMs Cards of different Networks operating in Nigeria.

Despite all these efforts, I was unable to meet up with the expected financial challenges but keep on struggling with the supports from my husband to raise-up our kids and meet up with other responsibilities due to the fact that the recharge cards and SIMs registration was over- flooded by millions of people and the expected interests are not forthcoming as usual.

I was on this condition until when one of my past Part-Time Lecturers at the Centre for Pre-NCE and Sandwich Programs at the Federal College of Education, Osiele-Abeokuta (MR ASADE) met me in my Kiosk at Sayedero Market, Ilaro and preached Beekeeping to me in 2019.He advised me join Abotokio Agro Village Farmers Association, Abotokio in Yewa North, Ogun State, Nigeria which later was registered as Abotokio Slow Food Beekeeping Community in the year 2020.

I reluctantly joined the group and became a curious participant in the Beekeeping Capacity Training supported by the Bees Abroad, U.K.

During the training sessions, I do have my objectives to be achieved, I moved closer to the National Trainer, MR OREYEMI BBABATUNDE ADENOLA and the Spokesman of the groups-MR ASADE ELIJAH to get more information needed. I got the two training manuals on beekeeping by Pam Gregory too; I read the two books and was highly inspired and concluded that if Pam Gregory ,a woman like me can achieve one or two things through beekeeping to the extent of producing these two books being used Worldwide to empower people, I must benefit too and have impact.

When the idea of producing good, clean and fair honey was brought to my knowledge by the President during one of our discussions with emphasis on how to be unique in honey quality, avoiding adulterated and denatured honey on health ground in the society, I concluded of getting honey for a start from existing local honey producers, process, package and market it directly from my shop as a reliable source of natural, good, clean and fair honey. By doing so, aiming at promoting the Slow Food Principles and Practices.

I dreamt very big and determined to have impact.

The issue of funding came up, Mr. Asade advised me to start with little amount of money .So, I sourced a soft loan of Ten thousand Naira to kick start Honey Packaging and Marketing. He linked me up with two local honey producers whom he trained on how to be harvesting their honey from the local pot hives in order to be getting good, clean and fair honey .These two Local beekeepers are now fully integrated into the ongoing Beekeeping Capacity Training by the Bees Abroad, U.K at Abotokio Slow Food Beekeeping Community.

So, I bought six litres of honey at initial stage at the rate of One thousand, five hundred naira, got a dozen of the packaging bottles at the cost of Five hundred naira only(transportation cost of five hundred naira), packaged it and displayed it in my shop for sales. Within five days, all the honey was exhausted! I made the profit of Three thousand naira from the total sales.

The news of the original source of honey broke, demand increased and this led me into venturing into honey packaging and marketing with progress being recorded daily.

On the Value Addition, I am now into Beeswax Body Creams and Soaps Making with recorded progress

Today, the money realized from these activities are being used to expand the business though at the Small Scale level, augments household expenses in terms of Children’s School fees. Parts of the honey are used to improve the family nutrition and diets with recorded healthy conditions as we have deviated from taken refined sugars while the beeswax body creams and soaps are added advantages to the family welfare.

Presently, I am seeking for assistance to establish my personal apiary from where I can be harvesting honey and beeswax for my envisioned beekeeping family business.

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