Masters in their crafts: Beekeeping to Beer Brewing

In continued support of our International Women's day campaign our friends at Low Tide Brewing Co have extended donating 10% of sales from their online shop to Beekeepers for Life, for one more week.

We caught up with them over a call to find out more about their brand, beer, and support of Beekeepers for Life!

Where did the idea for Low Tide Brewing Co come from?

"We felt the world was being shortchanged. There wasn’t a brewery that emanated truly craft alcohol free beer, and there were so many beer types left unexplored.

It was from this that Lowtide Brewing Co was born. Combining stellar can artwork, a sense of crafty defiance and deliciously different alcohol-free beer, Lowtide Brewing Co seeks to bring true craft beer to the world of alcohol free.’’

“Lowtide Brewing Co seeks to bring true craft beer to the world of alcohol free”

What led Low Tide Brewing Co to support the Beekeepers for Life initiative

‘'Beekeepers for Life was introduced to us by a friend and we were blown away by the amazing work they do for women living in poverty with limited opportunities. Whilst addressing the critical consequence that the declining bee population is having on the environment and ecosystems, which we all rely on. Although hops and barley are not pollinated by bees, important research has shown that Hop Beta Acids act as a repellent to mites that are contributing to the colony collapse disorder and destroying bee populations. Whilst it is fantastic that we have an International Women’s Day, we believe women should feel empowered every day, and this is what makes the Beekeepers for Life initiative so important.’'

“Hop Beta Acids act as a repellent to mites which are contributing to the colony collapse disorder and destroying bee populations.”

We love the variation of beer flavours and the artwork on your cans, especially ‘who let the bee’s stout’! Where did the idea come from to create a beer with honeycomb, and who designs the cans?

'‘The idea to create the stout came from wanting to pair two flavours; honeycomb and chocolate together. Bringing a decadent and interesting new beer to the alcohol free scene. All our can artwork is designed by our in house artist, John Miles.’'

What’s your favourite beer?

'‘We think all of our beers taste fantastic, but the favourite amongst our team is Pale of Two Cities. It is teeming with hops and flavour, and should be a staple in every alcohol free fridge."

Most importantly – how can we make our orders!

'‘All the beers are available to order from our website, from all major alcohol-free online distributors, or craft beer shops around the country.’'

Thank you to our friends at Low Tide Brewing Co, we’ll be putting in our orders! To find out more – visit their website, and follow them on Instagram.

At Beekeepers for Life, we educate and train women to learn new skills, and earn a sustainable income through beekeeping. We train and support participants in all aspects of beekeeping. From classroom and hands-on apiary tuition, building and inspecting hives, sewing bee suits, harvesting and processing honey and wax into products for sale - even setting up and running a business.

Help us to continue our work

Become a Beekeeper for Life member

Donate to our work on JustGiving

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Order from Low Tide Brewing Co!

Together we can empower women, and alleviate poverty, through beekeeping. Creating Beekeepers for Life.

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