Dowa Women Beekeeping Project - Malawi

Turning Women Farmers into Beekeepers

Before 2020, there had not been a beekeeping project solely targeting women in Dowa around Kongwe Forest Reserve. As such, the Dowa Women Beekeeping Project by ICAD with support from Bees Abroad, has enabled women to take up beekeeping as a supplementary means of improving their livelihoods. The project comes as a source of encouragement and practical guidance for women beekeepers and most importantly the skills attained through training continue to meaningfully engage the women’s groups on crucial matters affecting their livelihoods through which beekeeping serves as a means of uplifting their lives.

Meet Mai Lucy Kamdolozi

Among the participants in the training was “Mai Lucy Kamdolozi” from Tilipo Women Beekeeping Group. Mai is a first time beekeeper and when asked about her thoughts on the beekeeping training this is what she had to say:

“I have been encouraged and inspired by the basic beekeeping training which has provided me with an introduction to beekeeping and basic skills for bee management. I am very hopeful that beekeeping will contribute to Improving nutrition and food security for my family. In addition, income realized from my beekeeping business will able me to pay for school fees for my children.”

Returning From The Apiary - Mission Accomplished

The Ladies of Dowa With Representatives From Local Development Partner, ICAD

Learning the Fundamentals of Top Bar Hive Design

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