Chesterford Park Supporting Beekeepers For Life

Representatives of Bees Abroad helping out at the Chesterford Park Apiary

A BIG thank you to all at Chesterford Research Park near Cambridge who supported Bees Abroad through their raffle on World Bee Day. Yesterday evening we organised a little working party to help them out with their apiary. We look forward to meeting the proud winner of one of the raffle prizes when they visit for their Bee Experience. Their raffle will support Beekeepers for Life

our initiative empowering women to become leaders, trainers and entrepreneurs in the poorest countries of Africa.

We are a totally voluntary organisation and our beekeepers are dotted all over the country. We are always interested in talks and helping out with apiaries here in the UK if it helps us alleviate poverty in the poorest parts of Africa.

So if you know someone that might be interested in learning about any aspect of beekeeping please do ask them to get in touch.

Meanwhile another big thank you to Chesterford Research Park - hopefully their raffle will allow us to "twin" a Beekeepers For Life apiary with this bucolic Cambridge scientific park.

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