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Join our monthly membership initiative. Creating Beekeepers for Life in women-led communities across Africa

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Beekeepers For Life 

We create Beekeepers For Life

Beekeepers for Life is a Bees Abroad initiative, working to empower women through beekeeping.


We educate, train and support women to become skilled beekeepers, community leaders, trainers and entrepreneurs, through our sustainable beekeeping training model.

Creating Beekeepers For Life communities in Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda.

100% of membership donations go towards funding our community projects. Creating Beekeepers for Life. 

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Empowering women to generate a sustainable income, learn new skills, become entrepreneurs and build a community of beekeepers

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Become A Beekeepers For Life Member - Together We Build Communities

With a small monthly membership donation we can harness the power of the collective - just like the bees and the communities who look after them.

Remember 100% of your membership donation goes directly to the community projects.


Our Women-Led projects in Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda

Our Monthly Subscription, Creating Beekeepers For Life


Atudorobesa Women's Cooperative

This project is an extension of a successful pilot project launched with local delivery partner, Ghana Regional Training Network. Based at Yamfo in the Ahafo Region of Ghana the 25 dedicated members of the beekeeping group  demonstrated great commitment in 2020, successfully developing their group working and harvesting their first honey against a backdrop of COVID.

This next phase of the project will expand the foundation apiary to ten apiaries totalling 150 hives with the aim of generating £2,300 per annum by project completion to cover healthcare and education costs and reduce environmental damage caused by charcoal production as income from charcoal is displaced by sustainable income from beekeeping. The photo is of Thomas, our GRTN trainer, discussing the construction of a top bar hive. The aim being the group will build  hives themselves ensuring cost effectiveness and sustainability..


Top Bar Hive


Group Training

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Hive Carpentry

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TBH Assembly

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Beesuit Sewing


Hive Inspection


Harvesting Honey

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Setting the Agenda

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Ready For Work


Having Fun

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The Shop


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